circuit bent boss ps-2 delay/synth pedal

January 12th, 2010  |  Published in for sale

rabbit hole delay

circuit bent boss ps-2 delay/pitch shifter synth pedal



here are the modifications:

they are broken up into 7 discrete sections:

1. rhythmic cutups

2. tonal and synth

3. pitch modification

4. sampler or pitch shift lock

5. randomizer

6. LFO

7. alternate wet/dry outputs

-1/4″ jack added for expression pedal input (50k recommended ie. yamaha fc7)

-1/4″ jack added for footswitch control of sampling

-1/8″ jack for full wet signal output

-1/8″ jack for full dry signal output

-14 toggle switches:  cut up row, sample and hold row, tonal row, and synth row. use singlely or in combination for flexibilty in sound sculputing and rhythmic breakups.

-1 switch:  activates extended range pitch knob.

-1 overall extended range pitch knob:   from abstractly low to extremely high pitched

-2 body contacts: responsive touch control of pitch

-1 sub mini switch: activates light theremin.

-1 light theremin control cell: cells are picked for best articulation and control over pitch and sound.

-1 switch- loop sample hold. activates sample without pitch control..

-1 stomp switch: activates pitch control knob and sample hold

-1 vintage pilot lens: the lens shines a bright orange light though the glass jewel lens whenever a sample loop is activated by user

-4 momentary pushbuttons: one low random play back, one high random play back, two cutup random playback with no pitch variant.

-2 knobs: left knob pulls up to activate the low frequency oscillator.  left knob turns to adjust oscillator’s rate. right knob adjust oscillator’s depth

-1 lfo indicator light: new stock vintage dialco soft green red led with housing to indicate depth and rate of oscillator when lfo is activated.

-non slip rubber feet

-painted in metallic colors with multiple coats of clear protectant.

-compact design and interface to fit easily into your setup

-throughly setup, tune up and play tested prior to despatch

the pedal will function as normal without any bends activated..

a very unique and powerful sound processor you won’t find elsewhere. 

original owners manual and bend diagram emailed to buyer

some components might slightly differ from the photo above depending on stock, but i will take great care to match colors and aesthetics.

it would be impossible to start to describe what the pedal does.. first there is the delay side of this pedal. this adds alot of synthesizer variants and cut ups and a wide assortment of sound mangling and tonal and synth sound variations. the delay side is capable of being a synth pedal and a bizarre comb filter in it’s own right. the pitch shifter side can be thought of as pitch shifter and a synth pedal with a capability to extend the pitch like a whammy pedal. the synth or pitch tracked sound can be isolated by mixing fully wet onboard the pedal.  you can sustain the pitch shifter/synth so that it doesn’t track to the input signal. the synth/pitch shifter can then be control via delay time and pitch knob.  this synth tone and all the applied bends can be thought of a fully circuit bendable monophonic synthesizer.  a few hours of experimentation and you will discover new effects impossble to describe.. your input source and the onboard stock pedal controls will interact with all the bends in many different ways. although i use this primarily with feedback loops, pedal chains, or vocals most frequently i’ve also used this with clarinet, guitar, and a few other acoustic instrument with great results..  if you like to free form improvise with vocals this is probally one of the most intuitive and spontaneous devices with lots of elements of predicatablity vs. randomness to improvise with or against..
the pedal has an alternate wet/dry output independant of the mixed output on the onboard output jack on the boss pedal. these are located on the right side of the interface on 1/8″ jacks. this allows you to plug additional outs to be processed independantly of the mixed output. this really allows for some extreme and creative possibilities!!!
regarding the extended pitch/delay time knob. it’s an extended range that takes the delay time and stretches the time and pitch further. it will go so low in pitch and time it will granulate the sound, reduce the sample rate (in real time) and acts as a unique decimator in that lower range. the expression pedal input: this duplicates the knob control i’ve added onto the interface in case your hands are tied up. for use with a 50k expression pedal (i use a yamaha fc7 or equivalent rating, expression pedal or footswitch not included you have to supply your own) and on the left side on thebody of the enclosure is an added 1/4″ inch jack so you can plug a momentary or latching footswitch to sample the input on the fly. this type of interface is perfect for those playing a guitar or something where both hands are tied up.  here is a video of a previous build called the moon cycle delay that i don’t make anymore due to costs/sales. i’m using an analog synth controlled with a wind controller. the moon cycle is a different design then the rabbit hole delays but will give you an idea what kind of control is available with the expression pedal and sample locking on the fly.

soundclips 1+2 can be found at

soundclip 3 can be found at


  1. kali yuga mp3- improvised clarinet into the delay pedal.  background sounds are a circuit bent yamaha vss-30
  2. radio and circuit bent delay mp3- a live radio feed into the delay pedal. all improvisation
  3. moonrise mp3 – guitar loop as a basis for songwriting manipulated after initial song goes through it’s form once. 
  4. video 1- live radio feed into bent delay pedal
  5. video 2- casio vl tone run through circuit bent casio rapman vocoder effect, an envelope tube filter/overdrive and finally into the rabbit hole delay
  6. video 3- half stack clarinet run through a few bends off the delay. midway in the video the clarinet is locked in a loop and a rhythmic sound texture with constant variety is introduced..i added a flange that is onboard on the microcube amp on this loop
  7. video 4- a video made by friends demonstating a unit i traded with fellow bender and tweaker, tommy stepheson.. he demos alot of the fine points of the unit. one i like is how he alters the loop before locking it into a sample loop. the video begins with a circuit bending masterclass

 $400 standard model, inquire for other designs

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